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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Eman's Dr. Lakdawala also Helps Obese MP Cop Daulatram Jogawat for Tests in Saifee hospital


Police inspector Daulatram Jogawat with Dr Muffazal Lakdawala at Saifee Hospital

After the world’s heaviest lady is getting treated by the top obesity expert Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital, it’s the turn of Daulatram Jogawat the Neemuch based inspector who went on to get rid of his extra fats in the said doctor. The inspector who aged 58 at the MP Police department seemed to weight 180 kgs and was recently mocked by socialite and known author Shobhaa De. She was seen tweeting about the same on 21st February 2017 with the tagline called heavy police bandobast in Bombay recently. In her response, the inspector said that his weight gain is simply due to the medical complications and not due to any overeating thing. Soon he was approached by Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee hospital for the treatment.

How it All Started?

We know Dr. Lakdawala as the chairman of Institute of Minimal Access Surgical Sciences & Research Centre at the Saifee hospital. He and his team at Center for Obesity and Digestive Surgery had approached the inspector for the treatment, soon we saw the cop along with his son dropping down to Mumbai to start the treatment for obesity. This led the policeman get loads of invitation and it was flooded with invitations from wide range of hospitals across the country after the remark of the lady author over the microblogging site. In fact, her tweet going viral has made the cop popular all across the country with all the leading hospitals calling him for the treatment including the ones from Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital from Mumbai. He finally chose Mumbai for the said treatment.

The Treatment

Once he finally chose Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital Mumbai, he now hear that the said doctor and his team has carried out a series of test at the said hospital that will help them to find out the real cause or disease which had made the cop overweight. As per Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital Mumbai, he is suffering from the disease which causes obesity and they are able to decide soon which bariatric surgery to consider for the weight loss. He said he and his team have started checking his report and carrying out various tests, which will end up giving the right solution for the team.

The Causes to Obesity

When asked why the cop has gained so much weight along with asking the exact reason for the extra weight, he simply said that he has started to gain weight after he had undergone the surgery called the gall bladder surgery in the year 1993. He informed that the surgery has allowed developing some insulin imbalance after the surgery, which has triggered the weight gain. He said this was not due to his overweight thing. As per his seniors in MP police, the overweight cop has been always competent despite being obese. In fact, the policeman has won a number of accolades since his recruitment in the year 1979. He has played an in important role in various investigations in his anti-narcotics department and a wide range of operations, which have been carried out along with curbing the crimes against women in his area. He has been the part and parcel of Shiv Ratri duty at the area of Neemuch control room.


Shobhaa De's tweet changed my life Says Obese MP cop Daulatram Jogewat

His senior calls him a very hardworking officer who has even worked 12-14 hours at a stretch in a day despite having the medical complications. Hence he was trolled by the socialite and author Mrs. Shobhaa De, he was quick to be approached by various doctors, including Dr. Lakdawala from Saifee Hospital. So, if Mrs. De is still not aware about the latest on this issue, she should read this piece and take lessons from people like Dr. Lakdawala who has volunteered himself the police officer to make him free from the extra fats at his hospital Saifee Hospital.

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