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Thursday, 7 July 2022

Regains Hope for Life With Dr. Ravi Mohanka Liver Transplant Surgeon

Is liver transplant successful in India?

The success rate of liver transplant surgery in India is very high that ranging between 85% and 90%, which is as high as that offered by the developed countries in the west, The success rate of >90 % and reasonable cost is another reason to choose our program in India for Liver transplantation. For about 72% of the patients who undergo surgery, the post-liver transplant life span expectancy is as a minimum of 5 years. However, the outcome may vary from case to case depending on individual factors and is difficult to generalize.

Where is the best place to have a liver transplant?

India is a one-stop destination for foreign patients who are looking for top medical facilities, experienced surgeons like Dr. Ravi Mohanka liver transplant surgeon Global and cost-effective liver transplant surgery. The healthcare sector in India has developed as an international attraction for patients from all over the world. Complex procedures like liver transplantation in India are closely regulated by authorized bodies and have reliable clinical outcomes. Top hospitals for liver transplant India have specialized centers for liver transplantation programs that offer all types of liver transplant procedures including Living-donor, cadaveric (deceased), swap liver transplant, and ABO incompatibility liver transplantation to the patients. If you are looking for a successful liver transplant in India, you can connect to the top hospitals for liver transplant India across all major cities, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and others.

Dr. Ravi Mohanka liver Transplant Surgeon Global

Which is the best hospital in India for liver transplant?

Liver transplant surgery in India is obtainable through some of the world-famed hospitals. Top hospitals for liver transplant India house some of the most skilled and skilled surgeons in the world. It’s critical for end-level liver illnesses patients to seek and go through treatment under the steerage of an extraordinarily skilled surgeon. Locating skilled surgeons here is not that difficult because the Top hospitals for liver transplant India pay special attention to recruiting surgeons who are qualified in some of the best medical institutions in the world.

What is the specialty of Dr. Ravi Mohanka

The success of a liver transplant is predicated upon the quality of the donor organ and also the right facilities and knowledge. Dr. Ravi Mohanka liver transplant surgeon Global has undergone laparoscopic and robot surgery training in France and Italy, his areas of expertise and current practice include living donor and deceased donor transplantation, hepato-biliary surgical procedures in adults and youngsters which includes liver resections for hepato-mobile cancer, and peri-hilar cholangiocarcinoma amongst others, pancreas transplantation, intestinal and multi-visceral transplantation. With over 3000 surgeries under his belt, he and his team have done more than 2500 procedures in India. Dr. Ravi Mohanka liver transplant surgeon Global currently performs 30 liver transplants a month with 95% achievement results which are at par with the world's best elsewhere. No wonder, he gets referrals from throughout South Asia, the Middle East, the Far East, and Africa, and has transplanted almost 750 patients from these nations.  Dr. Ravi Mohanka liver transplant surgeon Global strives to use cutting-edge technology to allow affordable world-class transplantation facilities available to patients in India with end-stage organ failure.

What is the percentage of success in liver transplant?

Liver transplant is a totally successful treatment and the in-hospital survival or fulfillment rate is more than 95% at superior and properly-equipped liver transplant facilities. This means out of one hundred liver transplants done, ninety-five patients get better and are discharged healthy, 3-5% risk of life is associated with this technically complex procedure Besides, the long-term success rate of the liver transplant is also very high and you may anticipate 65%- 70% of survival rate 15-20 years subsequent to the transplant.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Dr. SKS Marya Orthopaedic Surgery Makes it Pain-Free


Orthopedics is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, care, and remedy of sufferers with issues of the bones, joints, muscle tissue, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and skin. These elements make up the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedics is an area of expertise of significant breadth and range great advances have took place in the surgical management of degenerative joint disorder.

Dr. SKS Marya Orthopaedic Surgery Medanta

Why Choose Dr. SKS Marya for Orthopaedic Surgery?

Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery specialize in treating only orthopedic conditions, every aspect of the treatment plan is specially designed to accommodate the needs for international patients for orthopedic care. Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic treatment is proud to offer exceptional outcomes, lower infection rates and the highest patient satisfaction rates in India. Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery provides you with the best care possible. No matter how far you travel, Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic treatment will make your surgical journey stress free and convenient for you. He offers a bundled joint replacement services package for his international patients that inform you of everything included when you pay the flat rate fee for surgery.

Dr SKS Marya Success Rate

There are several factors that manage the success rate of orthopedic surgery in India which known as the world. It is a safe and effective procedure and the success rates with Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery is around 90 to 95 percent. The high orthopedic success rate with Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic treatmentcan be attributed to the quality of clinical care, level of hygiene maintained at the top hospitals in India, quality of implant used, and the expertise and skills of Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic treatment. The success rate for orthopedic surgeries by Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery is remarkable and keeping pace with worldwide benchmarks.  This alongside the state of the artwork facilities offers every patient with the assurance they are looking for. He has great experience. Further, he offers with over 99 percent of success rate in India.

Success Story of Dr. SKS Marya Orthopaedic Surgeon

Patient Dylan Asfour from Iraq shares his success story of Dr SKS Marya, “Choosing Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery to do my hip replacement surgery was one of the best decisions of my life. Why?  Because he literally gave me a new life!  After years of suffering, I decided to look for a surgeon to my surgery.  I was looking for someone that is as sharp, modern but rooted with experience. He fitted my bill however superseded my expectancies. I was walking the same day as surgical treatment and discharged the subsequent. It blew my mind that I should be able to walk so quickly without the same old pain in my hip joint.  Poof – it was just gone!   And I’m so grateful for it!  Thank you to success story of Dr SKS Marya, my surgeon and your excellent staff! I've a brand new life now to do all the things I want to do without giving it a second’s thought.”

Contact Dr. SKS Marya Medanta Hospital Gurgaon

Joint replacement surgery services India facilitates patients in scheduling your medical arrangement preparations from A – Z making ample room for adequate modifications of affected person needs at any point time during this period. Joint replacement surgery services India is all about making the patients experience, stay and necessary treatments as effective, convenient and as less costly as possible. With affordability – the services goes a notch up for its ethical and obvious patient handling from the start to the end of the treatment by foremost fixing your immediate appointment with Dr. SKS Marya orthopaedic surgery.

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Thursday, 2 June 2022

Easy Way To Improve Your Balance and Stability With Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Knee Surgeon India

Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Top Knee Replacement Surgeon India


Knee replacement is a surgery that decreases ache and improves the life of people suffering with extreme knee arthritis. Surgeons have accomplished knee replacements for more than 30 years usually with fantastic outcomes; the total public reports have ten-year success rate in more than 90 percent.

What Conditions Can Be Cured With Knee Replacement Surgery In India?

Knee replacement surgical operation additionally known as knee arthroplasty is approach to replace the burden-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to alleviate the ache and disability of osteoarthritis. It is able to be executed for different knee disease including rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. 

One of the fundamental reasons that affect the knee joint and avoid ordinary activities is arthritis. The slowly wearing condition of the tissue at the ends of the bones leads to reduction of joint space, excessive joint pain, and regular shifts in bone movement and friction in the exposed bone surface. 

Are You Searching For Best Orthopedic Surgeon In India? Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Is The Answer

In case you’re seeking to explore your treatment alternatives with an orthopedic surgeon, you could turn to the experienced surgeon Doctor Ashok Rajgopal Medanta. This means that no matter what type of surgery you need – be it knee surgery, hip surgery or anything in between – you can consult with Doctor Ashok Rajgopal Medanta who is familiar with the latest procedures and minimal invasive techniques in knee replacement surgery. He’s going to evaluate your prognosis and way of life to help you decide which sort of surgical procedure – if any – would be maximum suitable. 

In many instances, Dr Ashok Rajgopal knee replacement cost uses advanced, minimally invasive techniques to help his patients recover as quickly as possible with the lowest possible risk of complications. Whether or not or no longer you're searching out progressive knee replacement alternatives in India otherwise you need the best remedy for orthopedic sports injury, if are making plans for an revolutionary knee replacement options in India or you want the best treatment for an orthopedic sports injury, Dr Ashok Rajgopal knee replacement cost is ready to help you eliminate your pain and become active again.

Return To Activities You Love With Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Best Knee Replacement Surgeon India

As the most comprehensive top knee surgeon Doctor Ashok Rajgopal Medanta, he is eager to assist you with your issues and get you back to the activities you enjoy. From a demanding injury to a nagging pain, he strives to offer the best diagnostic experience feasible and offer you with the most conservative, but appropriate care important Dr Ashok Rajgopal knee replacement cost specializes in every procedure in orthopedics today; he is developing the techniques and procedures for tomorrow. 

He is educated at the modern and least invasive surgical tactics such as robot and knee arthroscopic surgical operation. He has successfully performed over 35,000 knee operations. There is ample evidence that experienced surgeon have better results & fewer failures than younger less experienced surgeons. Doctor Ashok Rajgopal Medanta is ranked among top 10 knee replacement surgeon in India.

How Can Joint Replacement Surgery Service India Help?

Joint replacement surgery service India is at the forefront as a medical provider in India, catering to global patients and guarantee favorable assistance to parents searching out all kinds of reasonably priced medical treatments and surgical procedures available in India. 

Joint replacement surgery service India is prepared to welcome patients back again in a safe, healthy environment. As we resume a broader of the inpatient and outpatient care which you rely upon, be assured that we provide to stability our patient-targeted method to care with excellent practices in infection prevention for our sufferers and staff.

Read News : Dr. Ashok Rajgopal Offering Newest Technology in Total Knee Replacement

Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Change Your Life With Affordable Kidney Transplant Cost in India


In case of kidney failure, a patient needs to go through a procedure known as a kidney transplant so that the regular functioning of the body is not affected. Kidney transplant in India is the quality available treatment for patients stricken by end-stage kidney disease. Kidney transplant surgery in India is preferred over dialysis in India because of the associated benefits. Kidney transplant surgery in India gives lots greater freedom to patients as they now do not need to make a recurring visit to the doctor anymore for dialysis and can consume a variety of foods.

Kidney Transplant Cost in India

Treatment options for kidney cancer treatment in India

The treatment plan which you select with your doctor depends on many factors, but options consist of:

  • Watch and wait (active surveillance)
  • Renal tumor ablation (freeze or heat)
  • Surgery to remove the tumor(s)
  • Targeted therapy to kill cancers cells
  • Immunotherapy/biologic therapy to kill cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation to alleviate pain and signs
  • A clinical trial to attempt a new treatment

Get top transplant care from top kidney transplant surgeons in India

Top kidney transplant surgeons in India carry out kidney transplant surgical procedures. Any other reason why one should choose to get a kidney transplant in India done is the reality that comprehensive care is offered to sufferers with the aid of some of the most skilled surgeons. The healthcare system in India offers new infrastructure, extraordinarily-dedicated experts who're well-versed in handling complex to complicated kidney transplant strategies. Top kidney transplant surgeons in India perform transplants at world-renowned hospitals that are well equipped and technologically superior. Plus, the money patients keep makes it even more of an obvious choice in which to select treatment in the future. Top kidney transplant surgeons in India have dealt with best to the most complicated cases of renal most cancers sufferers from India and abroad. A clinical affected person from abroad can are seeking consultation with the best kidney cancer doctors of India by directly contacting the hospital or by way of looking for help from a medical company in India.

How affordable is kidney transplant cost in India

Kidney transplants throughout the globe are a costly affair. In India however, it isn't only affordable however achieved with great quality and by a set of the best doctor in India ensures that patients get the top facilities in kidney transplants. Moreover, the kidney transplant cost in India is reasonably minimal in comparison to western countries. The kidney transplant cost in India is one of the lowest in the world even having among the highest success rate in the world. That is the most important advantage that India has over other medical destinations with the selection of end-stage renal disease sufferers. It’s far estimated that by traveling to India for a kidney transplant cost in India, a medical visitor normally saves no much less than half of their money than what they could preferably spend in any other country. Cost is just 30 to 40 percent (of what it costs within the western nations, including the US and the UK. People from all over the world prefer traveling for kidney transplant surgery in India due to its affordability, availability of modern facilities, and highly certified health experts.

Forerunners healthcare consultant is a one-stop solution to get in touch with top kidney transplant surgeons in India

Forerunners healthcare consultant has now established itself because the most innovative medical provider in India and has been growing exponentially offering cost-effective, era-based safe, and comfy medical services to people across the world. Forerunners healthcare consultants follow the very best degree of ethics, confidentiality, and global norms in patient care. Our team help patients get in touch with the best kidney cancer doctors in India without any hassle. Forerunners healthcare consultant initiative is directed towards helping people worldwide to facilitate the best treatments and medical care in India.

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Friday, 20 May 2022

How Total Hip Replacement Surgery India Prove To Be The Most Appropriate Option


A total hip replacement is a surgical treatment in which both injured and damaged surfaces of the hip joint are changed via prosthetic substitutes. It was first completed in the 1960's and is stated to be one of the most achieving surgical tactics in the past few years. A hip replacement, or hip arthroplasty, is a surgical treatment that replaces a diseased or injured hip joint with a synthetic joint or implant. People generally accumulate hip replacements when arthritis reasons severe hip aches and infections.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery India

Why do people choose India for total hip replacement surgery India?

Total hip replacement surgery in India is a common orthopedic surgery, not only favored by sufferers in India but the ones from foreign countries as well. Cost of total hip replacement surgery India is only a fraction of what it charges in other western nations, which include the USA and the United Kingdom. Cost of total hip replacement surgery India is only a fraction of what it costs in other western countries, including of America and the United Kingdom. This is the essential reason why India has emerged as a hub for orthopedic surgeries for clinical vacationers. A clinical traveler may end up spending 50 to 70 percent much less amount once they determine to travel for total hip replacement surgery in India or for that matter some other orthopedic surgical procedure. Each year, thousands of patients from India and overseas undergo the low cost of total hip replacement surgery in India.

Top facilities offered by top total hip replacement surgeons in India?

India is well known as the orthopedics hub of the world, you could have the best options, which are appreciably skilled & pretty famed for their outstanding outcomes. total hip replacement surgeons in India offers affordable cost compared to other destinations in the world. The country is home to top total hip replacement surgeons in India offering the best facilities. On average, top total hip replacement surgeons in India charges less than 1/3rd of that in most developed countries like the USA and the UK. They have committed themselves to specialization in the field of joint replacements alone. This has emerged as possible in view of the large range of patients, both Indian and international, who want knee/hip replacements in India. These total hip replacement surgeons India have the most advanced generation and use the latest strategies to provide the best in magnificence care to people with musculoskeletal issues. Furthermore, they may be famed around the world for reporting one of the most success rates with regard to hip surgery in India. The story no longer ends here. Non-stop studies are conducted by them targeted toward the introduction of new clinical treatment options.

Why do international patients opt to get treated thru joint replacement surgery services India

Joint replacement surgery service India is one of the most professional & quickest growing clinical providers in India to provide the cheapest & very low-price offerings to its sufferers. Our total hip replacement surgery packages are designed, keeping in mind the affected person's needs, consolation, and, most significantly, the overall surgery price. The numerous forms of total hip replacement surgery India done in India are available at a lot inexpensive and best costs with joint replacement surgery service India. For patients and their accompanying relatives, we make the whole technique easier. We understand that traveling for a clinical treatment can be annoying, which is why our team will guide you at every step.

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Thursday, 21 April 2022

Get Expert Cancer Care At Top Hospital for Cancer Surgery India

What is cancer?

Cancer is a general time period for a huge of diseases, whose causes, characteristics and incidence can range greatly. There is no completely clear-cut definition of cancer. Cancer is particularly a disease of older people. Because of population ageing, we have seen an increase in cancer incidence. Increasingly more people are able to recover from the disease. The scope for recovery depends on many things, which include the sort of cancer and the tumour distribution. Many patients who cannot make a permanent recuperation are able to stay long lives due to developments in cancer treatment. The cope for recovery depends on many things, such as the type of cancer and tumour distribution.

Top Hospital for Cancer Surgery India

How can cancer start?

Carcinogenesis is a multi-level method wherein damage to a cell’s genetic material changes the cell from normal to malignant. The harm progressively accumulates inside the cell’s growth regulatory system. Cancer begins with a genetic defect. Human genetic factors, meaning genes, are placed inside the cellular structures referred to as chromosomes. Genes change cell functions, which include their distribution. Cancers develop while mutations take place in genes that play an essential position in regulating cell growth and differentiation. Also known as most cancers genes are genes that manage a cell’s normal function but which are probably genuinely damaged.

Why top hospital for cancer surgery India is considered the perfect destination

India is one of the leading medical destinations on the globe and there are several reasons for it. Top hospitals for cancer surgery India are equipped with highly advanced technology along with state of art systems, for an instance, the top hospitals for cancer surgery India are acknowledged to deliver international-class treatment to all the patients from in India and abroad who actually need it. They make use of the advanced gear, machines, and era to diagnose and deal with patients with extreme precision and accuracy. The top hospitals for cancer surgery India are located in different parts all over the country. For that reason, an end-stage renal disease patient has a lot of options when it comes to deciding on the right medical institution for a kidney transplant. The top hospitals for cancer surgery India cater to a huge number of worldwide patients on a regular basis. The international patient management group at these hospitals guarantees that sufferers from remote places receive reliable medical care and the best facilities. They are well-equipped with the latest technology and nursing staff to provide 24*7 unmatched homely care.

How pocket friendly is low cost cancer surgery in Delhi?

Cancers treatment is a very high-priced affair in most of the superior countries of the US, Europe & Australia. Fortunately, India stays perhaps the world that gives exceptional care at a highly low cost. Low cost cancer surgery in Delhi is availed by millions of patients from within the country and abroad.  The low cost cancer surgery in Delhi is just one-tenth the cost of treatment within the advanced countries. A medical tourist generally saves lots of dollars by opting for low cost cancer surgery in Delhi India even when assertion costs such as flight bookings, hotel stay, and local travel are taken into account. The low cost cancer surgery in Delhi may be very affordable in case you compare it with other western countries just as the US and the UK.

Why do international patients choose to get treated thru Forerunners healthcare consultants?

Forerunners healthcare consultant has now established itself as the most innovative medical provider in India and has been growing exponentially impacting the affordable, technology-based, safe for the international patients. Forerunners healthcare consultant is dedicated to supporting international patients and their families through providing help with visa, tour logistics and transportation for surgical procedures, medical treatment, hospitalization, travel & accommodation in India. We’ve got an affiliation with the top hospital for cancer surgery in India, which assists us in making sufferers avail of international elegance treatment at reasonable rates.

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Wednesday, 30 March 2022

Top Kidney Transplant Surgeons in India Providing Quality Nephrology Care in India


A kidney transplant is surgery finished to update a diseased kidney with a healthy kidney from a donor. The kidney may additionally come from a deceased organ donor or from a dwelling donor. Family participants or others who are extremely fit can be capable of donating sincerely certainly one of their kidneys. This type of transplant is referred to as a living transplant. Individuals who donate a kidney can live healthy lives with one healthy kidney.

Kidney transplant success rates

More than 10,000 kidney transplant in India is carried out every year. 95% of people who have kidney transplant in India are alive after one year, compared with a 90% survival rate after the first year of dialysis. If a transplanted kidney is given by using a living donor, the transplantation success rate is better than if the kidney came from a deceased individual. The survival of the transplanted kidney itself is 75% to 85% at one year when it's from a deceased, unrelated donor, as compared to over 90% when the kidney is donated by a living person.

Top Kidney Transplant Surgeons in India

Cost of Kidney Transplant Surgery

Over a period of time, India has gained an international reputation for a kidney transplant in India, where patients get first-class facilities, at low cost kidney transplant in India. best hospitals for kidney transplants india are prepared with skilled doctors and surgeons, medical staff, and infrastructure, to assist the affected person get fit and fine with the best treatment plan possible. Low cost kidney transplant in India does now not imply a lower quality of care.

Why get treated by kidney transplant surgeons in India

The best hospitals for kidney transplants India has become one of the premier destinations in the world for many good reasons. Top kidney transplant surgeons in India are being knowledgeable at top universities in the world. They practice at top hospitals in India and are incredibly knowledgeable and professional at top global medical universities within the world. Top kidney transplant surgeons in India have their best medical practices by offering appropriate treatment, this makes you receive top quality treatment before the situation gets worse and causes more side effects.  List of Top Kidney Transplant Surgeons India perform transplants at world-renowned hospitals that are well equipped and technologically superior. Top doctors for kidney transplant surgery in India are globally recognized for their expertise and high educations background. They may be well-prepared with the modern-day technology and nursing personnel to provide 24*7 unrivaled homely care. The healthcare system in India gives modern-day infrastructure, surprisingly-devoted professionals who are well-versed in managing complicated to complex kidney transplant approaches. Top kidney transplant surgeons in India are pretty certified and well experienced, as is the team of workers. That is a large gain for many people from western nations where waiting lists are frequently long. Plus, the money patient save makes it even more of an obvious preference in which to choose treatment in the future.

Why choose a forerunners healthcare consultant?

Forerunners healthcare consultant is a certified company and is a trusted company of clinical services which offers low-priced and high-quality medical care to international and domestic patients. Forerunners healthcare is a one-stop solution for any medical need of international patients seeking treatment in India. We have built contacts and relationships with many well-known hospitals and clinics which have state of art medical technology. You can depend on us for expert offerings, reasonable pricing, convenience, and strict confidentiality. We place the highest significance on the health and safety of our visitors and choose hospitals and medical establishments accredited to global requirements. Our company’s goal is to have happy and satisfied medical tourists.

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Monday, 14 March 2022

Dr. Anil Saxena Best ICD Implantation Surgeon Fortis to Get Your Heart Healthy


An implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) is a tool that detects any life-threatening, rapid heartbeat. This abnormal heartbeat is referred to as an arrhythmia. With the shock modifications, the rhythm returned to normal. This is referred to as defibrillation. Newer-technology ICD implant procedures in India may additionally have a dual function which includes the ability to serve a pacemaker. The pacemaker feature can also stimulate the heart to conquer if the heart rate is detected to be too gradual.

How does an ICD Implant procedure in India works?

It knows when the heartbeat is not every day and attempts to go back the heartbeat to regular.

•If your ICD Implant procedure in India has a pacemaker feature when your heartbeat is simply too slow, it really works as a pacemaker and sends tiny electric signals to your heart.

•When your heartbeat is too speedy or chaotic, it offers defibrillation shocks to stop the abnormal rhythm.

•It works 24 hours a day.

New devices also offer “overdrive” pacing to electrically convert a sustained ventricular tachycardia and "backup" pacing if bradycardia happens. They also offer a number of different state-of-the-art features consisting of the garage of detected arrhythmic events and the capacity to carry out electrophysiologic testing. The stored information can help your medical doctor optimize the ICD Implant procedure in India on your needs.

Why choose the ICD implant procedure in India?

The cost of an ICD implant procedure in India is cheaper than a majority of nations in the world.  This is more frequently than not because of numerous centers for cardiac surgeries and the fact that valves used for the surgical treatment are usually synthetic and are available within the boundaries of the country. India stands as a top destination for ICD implant procedures in India with high success rates from over 150,000 numerous cardiac strategies done each year. That makes Indian medical doctors most professional and experienced in what they do. By giving the highest quality of ICD implant procedures in India at a lower-priced cost, the country has established itself as one of the most popular hubs to get treatments from around the world.

Dr. Anil Saxena

Dr. Anil Saxena best ICD implantation surgeon in Fortis offers an opportunity to live a little better life

Dr. Anil Saxena has an international reputation as one of the surgeons of excellence in cardiac arrhythmia in India and the world. Dr. Anil Saxena's best ICD implantation surgeon in Fortis is known worldwide for the expert evaluation and treatment of patients with a variety of heart rhythm disorders. With a history of innovation, he has played a leading role in the tremendous advances recently made in assessing and treating abnormal heart rhythms. Today, he uses this technique to resolve a variety of cardiac arrhythmias. Dr. Anil Saxena's best ICD implantation surgeon in Fortis is devoted to the care of patients with abnormal heartbeats. He performs more than 900 procedures a year, including 400 catheter ablation procedures. His team is committed to providing excellence in patient care. He is well qualified and knowledgeable about patients and their cardiac conditions. Dr. Anil Saxena best ICD implantation surgeon Fortis is a highly trained and dedicated health care professional specializing in heart rhythm management. He has a strong focus on patient education and patient-centered care. Dr. Anil Saxena best ICDimplantation surgeon Fortis has an international reputation for excellence in arrhythmia research and clinical arrhythmia management.

Get in touch with Dr. Anil Saxena instantly

India cardiac surgery service is one of the best medical companies in India which could provide low-price healthcare solutions for foreign tourists searching for medical treatments in India. Specialists operating at India cardiac surgery service will be extremely joyful to get in touch with Dr. Anil Saxena best ICD implantation surgeon Fortis along with providing the entire trip at affordable prices for worldwide medical travelers. Moreover, the best post-operative care available in the country guarantees quick restoration. India's cardiac surgery service gives exceptional clinical offerings and guidance in conjunction with the availability of modern-day technology.

When it comes to planning your ICD implantation, we know you want the best. We can make that happen. Get in touch with India's best ICD Implantation Surgeon at Fortis at +91-9370586696  Email id: