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Friday, 5 July 2019

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in India – Save Money While Staying Safe

What is sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy, also known as a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a surgical weight loss process. This procedure decreases the size of the stomach to encourage weight loss. This dramatic decrease in stomach size means the person can only consume about half a cup at a time and restricts the quantity of food that can be eaten, which in turn, lessen the calories that can be taken in, leading to weight loss.

How does the sleeve gastrectomy surgery work?     

  1. There is a reduction in stomach volume, causing people to feel full much quicker after the surgery.
  2. Hormonal changes such as reduced secretion of hunger hormones cause people to feel less hungry.
  3. Increased stomach motility, which allows food to pass the stomach and intestine quicker after surgery.

What is the Procedure for Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery?

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical procedure that induces weight loss by means of limiting food intake. With this technique, which is generally 75% of stomach this results in the stomach taking over the shape of a tube or "sleeve" which holds a whole lot less food. Although originally devised as the first stage of a two-stage procedure for superobese or high-risk patients, the sleeve gastrectomy is now commonly and successfully used as a destination process for weight loss in individuals with a BMI of more than forty.

Why travel to India for sleeve gastrectomy surgery?

India is a place with huge diversity. For the same purpose, many foreign tourists go to India. These days, many of the foreign patients come down to India for availing sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India as well. But why come all the way down to India for putting off weight problems? India is a large country with an abundant workforce. So, you can actually find a suitable healthcare option as per geography, expenses, and expertise. Thus, no one needs to simply accept the healthcare facility as it's just because it's far available within the vicinity. Alternatively, one is free to pick the healthcare facility as per their satisfaction. The education level and expertise of the surgeons are excellent. They are more than capable of carrying out any of the sleeve gastrectomy surgery procedures along with any complications that might surface during the same. In a nutshell, sleeve gastrectomy surgery benefits India.

Cost of sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India

The economic system of India is more budget-friendly in comparison to a significant number of advanced nations. Another major reason why medical tourists from around the world prefer India in order to undergo sleeve gastrectomy surgery is ‘Low Cost’. Choosing low-cost sleeve gastrectomy surgery India proves to be cost-effective because the cost here is a whole lot much less like a comparison to any other country providing the same quality of treatment and the usage of technology.  This remains unchanged even when additional costs along with traveling, boarding, accommodations, and food prices are taken into consideration. It is estimated that an average individual traveling from the US saves about 60 percent of his or her money if they decide to come to India for sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

Plan your sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India with forerunners healthcare consultants

Forerunners healthcare consultant understands your emotional needs just as a patient does. Thus what we essentially provide is the peace of mind. With significant experience and expertise in the medical industry, Forerunners healthcare consultant ensures you best quality medical treatment at most competitive prices. We’ve tied up with the top in the Indian healthcare industry and deal only with the world class skilled doctors with a first-rate case history and a clean record of achievement. We would take care to see to it that when you fly returned to your home the country you fly back smiling and are glad with the quality of pre and post-operative care provided by our team, we were in constant touch with you and monitoring you constantly even after you’ve reached your home after the surgery would ensure you a complete peace of mind.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Surgical Interpretation of Diabetic Foot for a Pain Free Life


Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease affecting almost every organ of the body. It might happen either due to decreased production of insulin or increased resistance to insulin in the body. It has emerged in epidemic proportions all across the globe. It has become the major health risk and is the main cause of premature illness, heart and kidney diseases and even blindness, amputations, and ulcers, worldwide. The treatment of diabetes involves lifestyle changes, diet control, and certain drugs and insulin therapy. In spite of the best of the treatments, patients may not achieve good glycemic control that results in ongoing and slow damage to the blood vessels, brain kidneys, eyes, and heart. The three main types of diabetes are:
  • Type 1 diabetes
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Risks related to Diabetes Surgery

The risks of people with diabetes face after surgery include:

  • Hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) may be an issue after surgery
  • Poor wound healing
  •  Slow wound healing
  • Weak tissue and skin at the site of the surgery
  • Infection of the wound
  • Other types of infection like pneumonia, UTI or sepsis

Low Cost Diabetic Foot Surgery in India

Diabetes Surgery presently ranks among most performed surgery especially in India as the number of diabetes subjects is increasing speedily. Forerunners Health Consultants in India is the main medical value contributor offering easy access to best health facilities in India at nominal rates. A patient has to send a rapid inquiry and the company representative would help through the procedure. The overall expenses, involving surgeries, meals, medication, stay, tickets, for cost-effective diabetes treatment in India, are very low than most of the other countries offering the same state of art facilities. Comparing the diabetes Surgery cost in India with the same procedure in the other countries, the price for the surgery would be 30.0-50.0% lower. The cost can vary on the basis of the type of surgery needed and other medical issues of the patient.

Top Hospitals for Diabetic Surgery

Best Hospitals for Diabetic surgery in India is as follows:
  • Radiance Hospitals
  • Apollo Hospitals
  • Fortis Hospitals
  • Kokilaben Hospitals
  • Max super specialty Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Global Hospital Mumbai
  • Artemis Hospital Mumbai
  • Jaypee Hospital -Noida 
  • Indraprastha Apollo hospital- Delhi

What are the Benefits of Diabetes Surgery?

A large body of evidence now demonstrates surgery for type 2 diabetes can achieve up to complete disease remission, a goal almost unheard of in current diabetes care. Evidence collected over the decades of the bariatric surgery demonstrates the durability and effectiveness of diabetes control gained after the gastrointestinal bypass surgeries. “Metabolic surgery” is emerging as an area for the establishment of the surgical procedures aimed at treating diabetes.

Why India for Diabetic foot surgery

There are 3 distinct reasons why India for diabetic foot surgery is the most favored and chosen destination. These include the operative treatment procedures, state of the art technology at par with best in the world, India’s medical expertise, and incredibly cost-effective health care. Diabetic surgery in India has changed and improved according to the course of time. Diabetic Foot Surgery Reviews India from patients that got the surgery done in India is very positive. The patients indicate that patient care in India is the best. Laparoscopic procedures used for diabetic surgery significantly reduce the risks and side effects co-related with diabetes, and may ease patient's recovery considerably. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is associated with the panel of the best doctors in India, offering timely recommendations and suitable surgery times to reduce the patient pain and problems.

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Monday, 17 June 2019

Advanced Cancer Treatment with the Top Cancer Surgeons in India


Cancer, sometimes also referred to as malignancy, is an abnormal growth of cells in the human body which causes the cells to divide uncontrollably. This usually occurs due to genetic changes interfering with the orderly process of cell division. This erratic division of the cells may result in tumors, damage to the immunity and other disorders which may prove to be lethal.


Cancer can be defined as a group of diseases that result in abnormal & disorganized cell growth and may spread to other parts of the body. These abnormal cells have the capacity to infiltrate and destroy normal cells. There are some types of cancer that cause the cells to grow at a rapid pace while other types of cancer may cause the cells to divide and grow at a slower rate. Some forms of cancers may result in a visible growth known as tumors while others (like Leukemia) may not.

Types of Cancer -

Cancer is a group of more than 100 diseases and can develop anywhere in the human body. There exist several types of cancers and are usually divided on the basis of where they begin. Some of the most common cancers in the world are as below:

  • Breast Cancer: It develops in the cells of the breast. Cancer usually forms either in the ducts or the lobules of the breast
  • Lung Cancer: This cancer begins in the regions of the lungs. It is considered to be the number one cause of cancer deaths across the globe
  • Bladder Cancer: Bladder cancer is one of the most common cancers in the world. It begins when the cells that make up the urinary bladder grow & spread at an abnormal pace
  • Prostate Cancer: This cancer occurs in the prostate, which is a small gland in men responsible for the production of the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports the sperm. It is one of the most common types of cancer among men around the world.

Cancer Treatment in India

Since there exists a multitude of different types of cancers in the world, the approach and treatment used to deal with each of the cancers are different. The procedures are advised based on the extent and severity of cancer. Some of the more applied medical procedures for cancer treatments are as follows – 

  • Radiation Therapy: It is a type of cancer treatment that uses high doses of radiation that help in the shrinkage of tumors and the eradication of the cancer cells
  • Surgery: To treat cancer, the surgeon will remove the area affected by the cancer cells
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill the cancer-causing cells and halt their progression
  • Immunotherapy: This helps the body’s immune system to fight against the cancer
  • Hormone Therapy: It is mainly used in the cases of breast and prostate cancers to stop or slow the growth and division of the cancer cells
  • Targeted Therapy: It uses drugs to target the changes in the growth of inducing cancer cells

India is gaining recognition for being the best destination to undergo any kind of medical procedure around the globe. The technology is very advanced with the hospitals housing some of the best amenities in the world. The best cancer surgeons India are known for being the best in their respective disciplines, having done complex procedures in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany and many more.

From among the list of top cancer surgeons in India, some of the more known and well-established cancer surgeons are below
  • Dr. Rajesh Mistry: With an experience of more than 20 years, he is considered one of the best oncological surgeons in India
  • Dr. Deepak Chabra: He has performed over 5000 cases of various forms of cancers and has over a decade of experience
  • Dr. Dhairyasheel Savant: He is considered one of the most experienced onco-surgeons in India, bagging an experience of over 30 years
  • Dr. Hemant Goyal: Dr. Goyal is a surgical oncologist with expertise in the field for nearly 2 decades

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Monday, 13 May 2019

Dr K S Iyer Brings Brighter Futures for Babies Born with Heart Defects


Pediatric cardiology is liable for the evaluation of congenital heart defects, performing diagnostic strategies for instance echocardiograms, cardiac catheterizations and electrophysiology studies. The increasing number of neonates with congenital heart deficiencies referred to the neonatal intensive care unit reflects the increasing awareness that the defects may be present.

Types of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in India

A list of the more common procedures performed by our surgeons includes:
  • Repair of AV canal
  • Repair of tetralogy of Fallot
  • Norwood procedure
  • Ross procedure
  • Fontan procedure
  • Glenn shunt procedure
  • Repair of coarctation of the aorta
  • Closure of atrial or ventricular septal defects
  • Tracheal reconstruction

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Heart Defects in Children?

Many heart defects in children have few or no signs or symptoms. A doctor may not even detect symptoms of a heart illness during a bodily examination. Some heart defects do have symptoms and signs. They depend on the number, type, and severity of the defects. Severe defects can cause symptoms and signs and commonly in newborns. These signs and symptoms may include:
  • Rapid breathing
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Poor blood circulation 
  • Congenital coronary heart defects do not cause chest pain or the painful signs.   

How are Heart Defects in Children Treated?

Although many children who have congenital heart defect don’t need treatment, some do. Doctors restore congenital heart defects with catheter methods or surgical treatment. The treatment your child receives depends on the type and severity of his or her heart disorder. Other different factors consist of your child's age, length, and preferred health. Some children who have complex congenital heart defects can also want several catheter or surgical methods over a period of years or they will want to take medicines for years.

India the Most Prefer Destination for Pediatric Heart Surgery

Treatments for congenital heart problems have improved greatly in past in India. At present, less than a dozen institutions support a comprehensive infrastructure for newborn and infant heart surgery in India. All of these pediatric cardiac hospitals in India have a busy cardiac surgery programs and much of the infrastructure is shared by both the adult and pediatric cardiac services. International patients are welcome to consult with a cardiologist for more information via online channel before preparing their travel schedule for remedy. Indian surgeon’s offer first-class medical treatment of congenital heart defects in children and adults, every year experienced pediatric cardiac surgeons here performs more than thousands of operations to correct congenital heart defects in patients ranging from newborns to adults. Approximately, about 250 of these procedures are carried out using the heart–lung machine, and about 100 without it.

Put Your Child's Heart in Safe Hands With Dr K S Iyer

Dr. Krishna Iyer best cardio thoracic surgeon in India is one of the most experienced pediatric cardiac surgeons, recognized for his clinical expertise and involvement with cardiac care for children in India and other developing nations. He has operated on more than 14,000 patients with congenital heart diseases from all parts of India and International patients from over 15 countries. He has performed the first successful rapid stage arterial transfer and double-switch operation in India. At present, he is associated with one of the Best hospital for paediatric cardiac surgery in India, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI), as the Executive Director.

How to Get Connected to Dr. Krishna Iyer Best Cardio Thoracic Surgeon in India

India cardiac surgery service helps you get in touch with the most popular and pediatric cardiac surgery in India Dr. Krishna Iyer. We help patients from abroad seek good quality treatment at an affordable cost. Similarly, we assist them select a reputed hospital based totally in a city of their desire.

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Friday, 25 January 2019

Bariatric Surgery a Key to Obesity Lock


Sometimes a combination of diet and exercise proves inadequate to effectively treat people with extreme obesity and BMI (Body mass index) rate. Bariatric surgery is an operation that is carried out in order to aid such individuals to lose weight by making alterations to the digestive system. Surgery on the stomach and/or intestines helps a person with extreme obesity to lose weight.

Bariatric surgery is mostly preferred for people having a body mass index (BMI) between age (35-40) and having health issues like heart diseases or type 2 diabetes. Evidence urges that Bariatric surgery may reduce the death rates of people with high obesity, particularly when coupled with nutritious eating. In Mumbai India, there is no deficiency to the best specialists managing Bariatric medical procedures. These specialists in the rundown of best laparoscopic Bariatric Surgeons in Mumbai are exceedingly qualified and experienced separated from being very qualified in this field in the present, Obesity has Unwrapped maximum amount of population in many countries.
It has heaps of negative effects on health & it induces the probabilities of tantalizing health problems like Polygenic disease, High blood pressure, Cardiac Problems, Breathing problems, etc. Around 2.8 million peoples around the globe lose their lives each year because of being overweight.

Top bariatric surgery hospitals in Mumbai:

This picture is increasing the concern in Bariatric surgeons all over the world.
According to my analysis I came to understand in Asian countries, Mumbai India is that the most well-liked destination for Bariatric surgeries. Providing Quality treatment in cheap costs is that the main target of Indian care system. Here is the rundown of the top Bariatric surgery hospitals Mumbai: Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Breach Candy, Dr. L. H Hiranandani Hospital, Sushrusha Hospital, Kokilaben Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Jaslok Hospital etc there many more hospitals which provides the Bariatric hospitals but best of them are listed above.

Best laparoscopic Bariatric surgeons in Mumbai:

The best hospitals must have the best doctors also. This is a mighty truth and the surgeons performing the Bariatric surgeries needs to well expertise in their work. In Mumbai India the hospitals have best laparoscopic Bariatric surgeons in Mumbai India. These surgeons are the experts in such Bariatric surgeries. Further I have recorded some surgeons that are known for their higher achievement rate and skill in the world under: Dr. Ramen Goel , Dr. Sanjay Borude, Dr. Aparna Govil Bhaskar, Dr. Biswanath Gouda, Dr. Muffazal Lakadawala, Dr. Sharad Sharma, Dr. Shashank Shah, Dr. Jaydeep Palep, Dr. Narendra Nikam etc. These above doctors are said to be the gods of bariatric surgeries as the success rate of their treatments is very high.

Why Mumbai is preferred for Bariatric surgery?

Obese people from many corners of the world visit India for their obesity surgery in Mumbai & receive a great treatment form highly skilled surgeons. The cost of Bariatric surgery isn't real enough, due to which patients belonging from mediocre background are unable to afford the surgery & treatment. But there’s nothing to worry about the cost & treatment.  An over weighted person is a lot of liable to bear physical & psychological changes at the same time, as loosing excess weight is all about gaining a new personality. So, the best Surgeons in Mumbai India embed the involvement of Psychologists, Dietitians & fitness experts in an obesity surgery team. They keep a track of their patient’s health throughout & post-surgery additionally.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dr. Mohamed Rela Hepatologist Liver Transplant Surgeon in India gives a close escape for a Saudi Patient

Hi, My name is Abu Bilal, I am from Riyadh, KSA. I had recently my Living donor Liver Transplant in Chennai seeking the help of highly acclaimed doctor called Dr. Mohamed Rela Hepatologist Liver Transplant Surgeon in India. It was not less than a treat to be treated by the doctor who is highly competent and known all across the world. It was a journey that made my dream come true of living long beating and defying all the challenges. At the outset, I should thank my medical tourism company – Forerunners Healthcare Consultants that went out of the way to carry out the treatment with great care and professionalism. Also, the doctor deserves all rounds of applauds for treating me with great care and liberated me from the pain I had due to the dysfunctional issues of liver. Well, it all started with a pain and with a few tests and diagnostic investigation, I realized that I need a transplant for my ailing liver.

I was appalled as I knew that it would be difficult for me to get the surgery done back in my country as it become difficult to get a donor and secondly the cost seemed too high here for the liver transplant surgery. I had an idea about surgeries and treatments in India to be very much affordable. With this surgery, I researched to find out the above said medical tourism company called Forerunners for the Living donor Liver Transplant in Chennai. I came across about their network and found out the group h as one of the best doctors and hospitals, which have come a long way in establishing the niche hard in the market. The best part is the cost and the availability of donors for different organ transplant surgery. I then started my communication with them to work out for my surgery.

They informed me that I could easily get the Living donor Liver Transplant in Chennai once they will find a donor. They took some time and soon called me again informing about the availability of the donor and informing that I would be treated by one of the top surgeons called Dr. Mohamed Rela Hepatologist Liver Transplant Surgeon in Chennai. I was overjoyed to hear that and soon attached the documents and other details while applying for my medical visa. And it took just one day to get the visa and see me working for booking my tickets to the Indian city called Chennai. I reached the very next day of getting the visa and soon got admitted after doing a couple of my tests and then meeting the doctor. As my test results turned favorable it was decided by my doctor to go for the surgery.

As the doctor - Dr. Mohamed Rela Hepatologist Liver Transplant Surgeon in India carried out the surgery, I came out in flying colors, which mean I am free from the ailment permanently. My doctor kept me on observation after the surgery called the Living donor Liver Transplant in Chennai. In a day or two he felt that I am recovering with a decent pace and soon was shifted to the recovery room. I then lived for few days after I finally got my discharge from the hospital. I thank my doctor - Dr. Mohamed Rela Hepatologist Liver Transplant Surgeon in India for his incredible work and saving my life. It was close due to the complication in my conditions, but my doctor was competent enough in his work and saved me from the menace. Secondly, the living donor liver transplant in Chennai was carried the best by chosen medical tourism company. I highly recommend this group to all.

It is easy to approach Liver transplant service India. The consultants will help you to get immediate appointment with Best  Liver Transplant surgeon Dr. Mohamed Rela in India for your surgery.

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Monday, 10 September 2018

Suffering from spine injuries contact Top Spine Hospitals India

The spine which is also known as the vertebral column or spinal column is a column of 26 bones in an adult body with around 24 separate vertebrae interspaced with cartilage. Spinal cord injuries could be temporary or permanent. Spinal fusion surgery is one of the most performed surgeries to fix the painful vertebral segment. Despite a successful fusion, there is a risk of clinical failure. Each of the spinal fusion surgery needs bone grafting. It could be autograft or allograft. There are multiple approaches that can be used by your physician. 

Spine Surgeons India has made an approach to make the surgery treatment more pocket-friendly and available to a greater section of people not only within the country but to the patients abroad as well. It’s a surgical procedure to rectify injuries in the vertebrae. Spinal fusion helps to relieve the symptoms of back pain including degenerative disk disease, stenosis, fractures, and spinal tumors etc. By the time you sign up for back surgery, your doctor will probably have tried a number of treatments to ease your back pain or lower body weakness. Advances in digital fluoroscopy, image guidance, endoscopy, and minimally invasive surgical tools allowed minimally invasive spine surgery to rise to the forefront of spinal procedures.

To rectify injuries in the vertebrae surgery is performed. One of the frequently performed ones is Spinal fusion surgery as mentioned earlier, helps to relieve the symptoms of back pain including degenerative disk disease, stenosis, fractures, and spinal tumors etc. The average age for someone undergoing a spinal fusion in 2008 estimated by the United States was 54.2 - 53.3 years for primary cervical fusion, 42.7 years for primary thoracic fusion and 56.3years for primary lumbar fusion

Another immensely useful approach is Bone grafting a surgical procedure in which the fractured bone is repaired by replacing the missing bone. Bone has a regeneration ability of its own but given a very little fractured space and some scaffold to do so. As the native bone grows it will generally replace the graft material completely. Best Spine Surgeons India patient will not heal immediately but it will take about 3 to 4 months after the surgery for the healing. Patients should avoid sleeping on their stomach and should sleep on their sides.

You must be wondering about the outcomes of the surgery and more importantly its benefits. Benefits of spine surgery at Top Spine Hospitals India is not only the pocket-friendly budget but also the symptoms that a spine surgery patients face. 

Spine surgery is helpful in eliminating the certain symptoms mentioned below:

• You can move around better.

• You're more physically fit.

• Your mood improves.

• You don't need to take as much pain medicine.

• You can go back to work.

• You're more productive at work.

Top Spine Hospitals India has an estimate of about 15% to 20%, gradually increasing at a massive count per annum in the last five years. Since India is only charging a fraction of what western countries hospitals costs, a huge crowd is shifted to seek spine surgery from the Best Spine Surgeons India. The cost of spine surgery in India may vary from USD 4000 to USD 6000. All the advance procedures are available with top spine hospitals in India.    

Highly trained and skilled surgeons, excellent infrastructure, good post-op care for a successful outcome are also the decisive factor that patient aboard look forward to. Since India is amongst the best in the world for medical technology and the low-cost spinal fusion surgery, fascinated people across the world.

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Monday, 27 August 2018

Avail the benefits of Low Cost HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment India

What is HIFU?

Also referred to as Carcinoma of the Prostate, Prostate Cancer is a medical condition, in which malignant Cancer cells start growing non-stop in the Prostate gland tissues. This happens due to undesirable changes in the DNA of a usual Prostate cell. 

With the field of Oncology undergoing revolutionary progress, there is wide range of treatment options possible today; which include Chemotherapy, Laser Surgery, Brachytherapy, Robotic-assisted procedure, and others. However, one of the most rewarding treatment options is HIFU, that is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. 

In HIFU, the Cancer experts-use high frequency ultrasound energy to heat up and destroy the Cancer cells. In this, a probe is inserted into the rectum to reach the Prostate and then a beam of ultrasound energy is sent. 

HIFU can be an appropriate from of treatment for a patient, if: 
  • The Cancer is limited in the prostate, where it is known as Localized Prostate Cancer
  • The Cancer has begun to spread out of the Prostate and invaded into the surrounding areas. This is called Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer 

Does HIFU only treat the Cancerous Cells?

There are many welcome benefits of this treatment are very short span of hospital stay, no need for incisions, quite different to other forms of treatment, a patient can go for HIFU again if the Cancer relapses after the first HIFU treatment. Also, HIFU can be used in combination with other forms of treatment. 

HIFU not only treats the Cancer cells but destroys them by ensuring that they do not come back. This treatment has far lesser side-effects as compared to other forms of treatment for Prostate Cancer. 

How long does the HIFU procedure take?

The duration of the HIFU procedure varies as per the size of the Prostate Gland; the bigger ones take more time to be treated. Approximately, it takes about one to four hours. Also, after the initial session, there are surely immediate results, but the final results start showing in 2-3 months. 

However, if the Cancer has spread out of the Prostate gland, then HIFU may not be a suitable choice of treatment. Even, Cancer that has relapsed after Radiotherapy, HIFU can be a suitable option. This is also called as Recurrent Prostate Cancer and this implementation of HIFU is known as Salvage HIFU. 

Best hospitals in India

There are many hospitals in India – Apollo Hospitals, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, BLK Super Specialty Hospital and many others – which offer HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India, which has drawn the attention of many Indian as well as international patients. These hospitals are home to excellent treatment facilities and the patients are assured of the best Cancer cure. The Cancer experts here are totally committed towards giving the best and understand that the pain and grief that the patients suffer. The doctors and surgeons here have extensive experience of treating many Cancer affected and thus over the years, these hospitals have become a very favored destination for HIFU. 

Irrespective of how intricate the procedure is or how advanced surgical technology is being used, the costs involved is always very low at the Indian hospitals, as compared to many developed countries such as UK, USA, UAE or Singapore. Similarly, patients from many corners of the world are enjoying the advantages of low cost of HIFU Prostate Cancer treatment in India. The cost of HIFU for Prostate Cancer in India is $7,500 whereas in USA and UK it is $25,000 and $20,000, respectively. 

Success Rate of HIFU Prostate Cancer in India 

More than 90 percent of the patients, who have undergone HIFU therapy have reported to have gained a lot of improvement and reports show that most of these patients do not need further treatment for Prostate Cancer. Those, facing a recurrence, are candidates for Cancer surgery, Hormone and Radiation Therapy.Being a non-invasive technique is an added benefit for HIFU, additionally, it’s success rate is similar to Radical Prostatectomy, which is another leading form of treatment for Prostate Cancer. 


India with its enormously patient-friendly attributes, has been welcoming countless patients from all over the world. More specifically, patients coming here to avail HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India are really satisfied with the kind of services they are offered. Further, the presence of Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is making the lives of these patients much easier by providing them the most rewarding and well-thought-out medical tour packages, including extremely affordable cost of HIFU for Prostate Cancer in India.

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