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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Get Best Neurosurgery Benefits for Patients from Bhutan

Neuro Disorders

Diseases which occur in the central and peripheral nervous system are called as neurological disorders. In other words, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles, the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots. These disorders include Alzheimer, epilepsy, cerebrovascular diseases, and other dementias. It includes multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine, and other headache disorders. As a result of malnutrition, Parkinson's disease, neuro infectious, brain tumors, traumatic disorders of the nervous system occurs due to head trauma and neurological disorders.

Many bacterial, fungal, viruses, and parasitic infections like mycobacterial tuberculosis, Neisseria Chagas can affect the nervous system severely. Neurological may occur due to an immune response or may occur due to the infection itself. Worldwide hundreds of millions of people are affected by neurological disorders. Because of stroke each year more than 6 million people die, 80% of these deaths take place in low-income countries.Worldwide there are more than 50 million people who have epilepsy. It is calculated approximately that there are 47.5 million people with dementia and with 7.7 million people with new cases every year globally. 60 to 70 % common cause of dementia is due to Alzheimer disease. The universality of a migraine is more than 10% worldwide.

Neuro Treatment in India

Neuro treatment in India is very affordable as compared to other countries. One can get the best surgeons and doctors who have really dealt with many major neuro diseases. The hospitals and surgeons are updated with all the latest causes and treatment of the neuro diseases. The treatment will be easily affordable for you which will treat every neuro disorder without making a hole in your pocket. The best treatment that you are looking for is easily available in some of the top hospitals in India.


Neurosurgery Packages for Bhutan

Neurosurgery packages for patients from Bhutan is very affordable and available in all most 50 percent of discount on the entire package. The patients from Bhutan do not have to think about their stay in India for their medical treatment. Neurosurgery benefits for Patients from Bhutan; patients from Bhutan have to face a long wait for any of their treatment procedures or surgeries. India serves the best at affordable cost to any patient round the globe. There are surgeons in India who have worked for years to gain their name and position in their medical career. The hospitals in India are well updated with all the latest techniques and equipment. These hospitals are associated with only the best surgeons who have more than 25 years of experience in their professional career. These surgeons would attend you for your disease and will help you to choose the best treatment procedure for your recovery from the major disease you are dealing with.

International patients can send their queries at or dial +91 9860755000 to get fast response

Get Benefits with Dheeraj Bojwani Consultants

Dheeraj Bojwani consultants have their own name in the field of medical consultants. They have sown many seeds of success and now the patients who are helped by them rip the sweet fruit of good health. They readily help every International patients to get the best medical support in India and without any delay they help to get the best medical treatment under the best supervision. The surgeons and doctors are well trained and they have the best experience to handle a neurological condition. To  get the best treatment one can reach Dheeraj Bojwani consultants by filling up the free consultation form online. The consultants will help you to plan your medical treatment in India easily and affordably. They will also help you with the following:
  • Medical visa, for the patient and family.
  • Local travel, with airport pick and drop for patient and family.
  • Meals and accommodation for patients and family.
  • They will also help you to plan your journey back to your home town.