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Dr. Ramdip Ray A Commitment to Advancing Liver Transplant Care in India


Liver transplant is an organ transplant surgery in which a healthy liver of a donor replaced with a failing or disease liver. Liver transplant surgery is also called as hepatic transplantation. The surgery has 78% survival rate after 5 and the life expectancy after 15 year is 58%. Liver transplantation is one of the most complicated procedures in the medical world. Compatibility, the health of both donor and receiver and a whole range of other factors need to be taken into consideration. Liver transplant patients will also have to spend a considerable time in hospital and under medical surveillance and this can increase the cost of the procedure as well. 

Dr. Ramdip Ray offers comprehensive care in liver transplant surgery in India

Dr. Ramdip Ray hepatobiliary and liver transplant surgeon, offers its patients a wide range of treatments and focuses on interdisciplinary treatment of tumors of the liver, biliary tract and gall bladder and liver, kidney, and pancreas transplants. With nearly 200 transplants performed, including 20 pediatric liver transplants per year, Dr. Ramdip Ray is the best surgeon in India. In addition, he has established India’s first living liver donation program in India. He performs transplants on adults and children from all over India and from abroad.  Each year, Dr. Ramdip Ray treats approximately 700 inpatients and 6,150 outpatients in India.

Highlights of Dr. Ramdip Ray offerings in liver transplant surgery in India 

Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplant surgeon in India is nationally – a renowned liver transplant expert, who is committed in providing children and adolescents with liver disease and/or liver transplantation leading-edge medical care. In a compassionate environment
Dr. Ramdip Ray Best hepatologist in Artemis hospital Gurgaon mission statement is “caring, healing, teaching, and discovery in everything he does.”
His values are:
  • Professionalism: in how he conduct himself in transplant surgery;
  • Respect: for his patients and their families; 
  • Integrity: always doing the right thing;
  • Diversity: understanding and embracing the diverse beliefs of his patients, employees, and community.
  • Excellence: in everything he does.
How can Dr. Ramdip Ray famous liver transplant surgeon in Gurgaon help you in treating liver diseases in India? 

Dr. Ramdip Ray best liver transplant surgeon Artemis Gurgaon is among the highest liver disease incidence nationwide. He possess the passion and expertise to evaluate and treat patients with complex disease, who typically are not considered for liver transplantation elsewhere because of factors, including age, body mass index or disease severity. Dr. Ramdip Ray top liver transplantation surgeon in Gurgaon performs whole organ transplants and split-liver transplants — sophisticated and life-saving options that separate him from other surgeons in India. Dr. Ramdip Ray famous liver transplant surgeon in Gurgaon focus is to provide the best possible care for his patients, regardless of disease stage. He is highly skilled in primary and secondary liver cancer treatment. Dr. Ramdip Ray works with Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon to transplant livers in patients with advanced cancers to extend their lives.

Forerunners healthcare consultant’s benefits

Forerunners healthcare consultants is one of the preferred medical partners for patients from countries like Europe, Middle East, Afghanistan, CIS countries and Africa, we ensure that the best advice is provided from at least two specialist hospitals and help patients make an informed decision before travelling to India. Special arrangements for pre and post arrival services make the treatment process seamless. Forerunners healthcare consultant covers a large network of hospitals, health centers and neurologists in India in order to assist the patients in the best possible way. Our pre-arrival and on-arrival services are specially catered to ease the whole process of travelling, getting treated and then having a recuperative stay in a foreign country.

We pride ourselves on our level of patient care, so if you would like more information or even if you have a simple question, 

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