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Millions of European patients are grappling with colon cancer and treatment cost

Global study

According to the global study, millions of Europeans patients are grappling with colon cancer treatment cost. The data comes from the most recent results of the global study done on cancer survival, the CONCORD-2 study that looked into four common cancers: colon, breast, stomach and lung across the European nations.

Colon Cancer Survival rate in Europeans

As per the charity, the survival rates for colon cancer in European nations are trailing at least a decade behind than other developed nations. According to the Macmillan Cancer Support, the colon cancer survival rates in the Europe were shameful compared to many other countries doing better in the year 1990s. The five-year colon cancer survival rate in Europeans at local stage is 90%, at regional stage is 70% and at the distant stage is 12%.


There are several causes for colon cancer and factors that place certain individuals at higher risk. The known genetic and environmental factors and people at risk of colon cancer are:

  • Colon cancer is rare for those under 40 years and mostly diagnosed in people above 60 years
  • When more than one family member has had colon cancer, it will increase your risk due to inherited gene
  • Have a prior history of colon cancer
  • Have a diet high in fat and low in fiber
  • Have history of benign growth of such polyps which have been removed surgically
  • Have a condition or disease linked with the increased risk

Cancer Treatment cost killing Europeans

Europeans have been paying more for their healthcare per capital with relatively low life expectancy for the cancer treatment. Hence the cancer treatment cost is killing them since they are spending more and less healthy. There is a need for cost effective medical care in the European nations and lack of this will make the patients search for a more viable colon cancer treatment option in abroad countries.

Many patients are looking treatment in abroad

All the above reasons including the expensive costs, low survival rates force many patients to look for colon cancer treatment in abroad countries. They look for quality treatments, with better survival rates and fewer complications as well as the colon cancer treatment cost under their budget.

India is one of the affordable option for cancer patients

India is an emerging medical tourism destination by being affordable option for cancer patients. We have advanced technologies and well equipped cancer hospitals located across the country offering excellent medical services and treatments for the patients. Our oncologists have extensive experience and are highly skilled to perform the colon cancer for patients.

Colon Cancer Treatment benefits in India

The colon cancer treatment benefits in India include :

  • Excellent medical services and care from our panel of top oncologists in India who will never compromise their efforts in surgery
  • State of the art infrastructures and facilities that are well equipped with the latest technologies to perform colon cancer treatment in India
  • We will offer you stress free environment for your medical trip to India
  • We provide assistance at every step of your medical journey to India and send references to respective medical experts as per your case study so that you can rest assured to get colon cancer treatment from the best field surgeons in India
  • We also help you plan a vacation post surgery, so don’t forget to load your cameras and swimsuits for nature’s treat after recovery

Pocket Budget Surgery Cost

We offer pocket budget surgery cost for the patients planning their colon cancer treatment in India. The colon cancer treatment cost in India is 60-80% less than the prevailing cost in the European nations. Even after considering the travel expenses, our comprehensive pocket budget surgery cost will help you save thousands of dollars.

Top and Global Value Cancer Hospitals

The top and global value cancer hospitals in India have the most advanced medical treatments and techniques, the latest equipments, the most extensive diagnostic and imaging facilities across Asia. The cancer hospitals offer excellent medical services and treatments by adhering to the international protocols.

World Famous Oncologist

The world famous oncologist performs different procedures for the colon cancer treatment in India. They are skilled, highly qualified with a vast amount of experienced and are affiliated with renowned medical organizations both at national and international levels.

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants - A Trusted name in Medical Tourism

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a trusted name in medical tourism offering assistance to millions of European patients grappling with colon cancer and treatment cost. We offer highly affordable cost colon cancer treatment from the world famous oncologists at the top and global value cancer hospitals. Send us your query to get the colon cancer treatment in India. 

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